New Monday class in Evesham

Master J is opening a new class at Evesham leisure centre, starting on Monday 13th October, 6-7pm. As always, we'd be grateful to anyone who can get along to support the first few classes. The full address is

Evesham Leisure Centre
Abbey Road, Evesham
Worcs, WR11 4SU


Focus on Grandmaster Tong Mun Kim

Grandmaster Tong Mun Kim is one of Master Johnson's former instructors. After Grandmaster Hwang Po left for the United States, Master J searched far and wide for a suitable instructor. Grandmaster Kim practiced a very austere form of training. His club was based in South Wales, near Cardiff, and Master J made the round trip from the Midlands twice a week. He was told that if he missed a single class, then he would have to leave the club! Although he was already a black belt, Master J was required to train as a white belt for a year before his first grading.

Sunday class in Leamington is now open to all grades

Master J has opened up the Leamington Sunday night class to all grades. We've had a good combination of dan grades and gup grades for the last couple of weeks. Please come along and train, it's developing into a really good class! The venue is St Paul's C of E School, Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa CV32 4JZ, and the class is 5-6pm.

Master J starts a Sunday night class in Leamington for senior grades.

A senior class for instructors and senior grades from Cho-dan-bo will start soon in Leamington Spa. The class will focus on higher grade forms and weapons training. The venue is St Paul's C of E School, Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa CV32 4JZ, and the first class will be 5-6 on Sunday 11th May. Seniors, this should be a great opportunity for us to practice more advanced material together, so please give the class your support.

Master J's Muddy Minions conquer the Wolf Run

We started by signing a two page disclaimer which had three separate mentions of "risk of death". You see us triumphant at the end of a 10 kilometer obstacle course full of nasty things each of which answer to at least two of "muddy", "cold", "wet", "high", "spikey" and weirdly "soapy". And that's just the team! Ah I amuse myself. It was really good fun - everyone is covered in scrapes and bruises, but it turns out none of us died, and we're all up for another go. There's one in June and another in September for anyone interested.

More new Dan grades!

Master Rossborough's cho dan bo students did her proud this afternoon in Stratford. Well done to Brian, Joe, Christopher and Baden who all graded to first Dan! Apologies to the senior students who had a nervous hour's wait for their grading due to a leisure centre booking error. Congratulations also to the hundred or so gup grades who took the next step in their journey today. Everyone received a full hour's grading time, with some time in front of Master Johnson, and some training in groups with the dan grades.

Master grades in the making

Colin and Julian successfully completed part one of a four part master grading last night. The pair gave it everything (even leaving some of it on the floor!) and were given glowing accolades afterwards by Master Johnson. Part two next week!

Congratulations to new Dan Grades!

What does practice make? A gruelling two hour grading in Bidford last night saw the club's two newest Dan grades earning their belts in style. Huge congratulations to Craig and Lucy. A packed and super heated grading hall also saw Sandra, Nick, Owain and Owain advance to higher dan grades. This was a really tough grading, respect to all for their powers of endurance!