More new Dan grades!

Master Rossborough's cho dan bo students did her proud this afternoon in Stratford. Well done to Brian, Joe, Christopher and Baden who all graded to first Dan! Apologies to the senior students who had a nervous hour's wait for their grading due to a leisure centre booking error. Congratulations also to the hundred or so gup grades who took the next step in their journey today. Everyone received a full hour's grading time, with some time in front of Master Johnson, and some training in groups with the dan grades.

Master grades in the making

Colin and Julian successfully completed part one of a four part master grading last night. The pair gave it everything (even leaving some of it on the floor!) and were given glowing accolades afterwards by Master Johnson. Part two next week!

Congratulations to new Dan Grades!

What does practice make? A gruelling two hour grading in Bidford last night saw the club's two newest Dan grades earning their belts in style. Huge congratulations to Craig and Lucy. A packed and super heated grading hall also saw Sandra, Nick, Owain and Owain advance to higher dan grades. This was a really tough grading, respect to all for their powers of endurance!

A growing club in Worcester!

Not a lot of people know this, but the club is thriving in the Worcester area. Master J recently held a grading in the town with more than a hundred applicants. A big thank you to all the schools and parents who are helping to make the clubs a big success.

KONG SU NINJAS co-ordination skills seminar a great success!

Master Johnson gave an action packed seminar to 40 junior ninjas, who recreated the legendary journey of a ninja child (minus the stinky bits), and learned the first part of a Sul Sa Do form. The kids had a great time, and are really excited about parts two and three. These seminars are on balance skills and concentration skills and will take place in March and May.

Thanks to Stratford Tournament helpers

Master Johnson would like to extend his thanks to everyone who competed in, and to all who helped make this weekend's tournament a success. Master Johnson very rarely misses these events, but this weekend he was unable to attend due to sickness. Special thanks go out to Master Rachel Griffiths-Johnson who stepped into the breach, ably assisted by Master Zoe Rossborough and Master Lina Rodriguez and many other dan grade helpers.

More details on the tournament itself will follow shortly.